Industry 4.0
Need to map out your strategy to get the most from Industry 4.0 technologies?

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Need a Pick-to-Light solution?
Increase productivity, improve accuracy, and reduce order lead times with our simple and agile solution to Pick and Put-to-Light.
We are experts in that murky territory between your warehouse or factory, and your ERP. 
Our commitment
We accompany our clients on their logistics project journey, either as confidential and impartial domain experts, or as implementation partners.
Our solutions
Conscious of the constraints of production environments and the cost of down time or working below optimal efficiency, we deliver robust solutions where flexibility and maintainability are paramount
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To get the most from Industry 4.0 on the Post Covid-19 survival trail, we have extensive experience in Industrial IT and Internal Logistics technologies. Keeping up with the developments in industrial technologies allows us to offer our clients extensive and valued help on the journey to Industry 4.0 frontrunner.

Services and expertise

Industry is heralded as the motor to restart economies direly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. If Industry 4.0 and the Digital Enterprise were considered important before the pandemic, they are now essential to the future of industrial enterprises large and small, which must become robust, agile and sustainable. MAP has three areas of expertise upon which our services are based and where we can help


We accompanies clients in the full project cycle, from identification and quantification of the problem, to design and evaluation, to selection of solutions, implementation, go-live, support and maintenance.

Design and Development

We work in multidisciplinary teams with our clients to define requirements and propose and implement solutions based on standards...

Support and Maintenance

We establish partnerships with our clients, and manage the day to day maintenance of installed software, implementing releases and enhancements...

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