We combine extensive experience in software implementation in industrial, 24×7 operations,  with domain experience in industrial and logistics fields to implement robust solutions which integrate into the enterprise IT landscape.


Estrella de Galicia

MAP’s AGV fleet management software has been enhanced and adapted according to Estrella de Galicia’s increased production and success. Simulation scenarios provide insights before committing on hardware and changes.


The Interflex automated and manual warehouse distribution centre is run by the MAP WMS. MAP has implemented cloud BI analytics dashboards, KPIs and operational insights across mobile and desktop devices.

Boeing - AGV

As part of a multidisciplinary team, MAP coordinated the testing and rollout of the tandem AGV software for the Spirit Wichita Plant which makes the carbon fuselage of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.


WMS Design and implementation for (automated) production supply warehouse. The WMS controls and manages the automated facilities and interfaces to SAP for material put away and retrieval orders. The SAP Interface is via IDOCS. The WMS implements an IDOC Server.


Caprabo needed to migrate the automated warehouse facility to state of the art technology as part of the enterprise wide IT strategy for the distribution centres. MAP designed and implemented the solution, which was performed without impacting production.


The sorter control software delivered by Map interfaces to the hardware and the Cargo Write (Red Prairie) WMS. MAP provides support and maintenance for the complete system.

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