MAP is an International IT consultancy based in Spain. We have considerable experience in IT projects for Warehousing, Logistics, and Supply Chain planning and execution. We offer our clients an independent and personalised service for consultancy and solution implementation.


As we begin to see the ramifications and real use cases of Industry 4.0 or the Digital Enterprise, optimising the Supply Chain and internal logistics has become essential to the enterprise strategy.


MAP accompanies clients in the full project cycle, from identification, design and evaluation, to selection of solutions, implementation, go-live, support and maintenance.

Design and Development

We work in multidisciplinary teams with our clients to define requirements and propose and implement solutions based on standards...

Support and Maintenance

We establish partnerships with our clients, and manage the day to day maintenance of installed software, implementing releases and enhancements...

Core Competencies

We integrate with automated materials handling equipment and ERP/WMS systems providing either a warehouse control interfaced to the WMS, or our own WMS solution interfaced to your ERP.  We provide the software control to optimize your warehouse assets such as automated Stacker Cranes, Agvs, Mobile Robots, conveyors, and other equipment such as Pick to Light areas or Sorter Systems, and of course operator interfaces (Truck Terminals or Mobile Devices and displays). We deliver your system in the cloud or on site.

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